Stickers are an efficient way to market your brand or company. Stickers are a value for money, tangible product that appeal directly to your target market.

Stickers advertise, build brand awareness, support projects or promotions and can also make a profitable, stand-alone product. Some people stick them on their cars, school books, caravans, fridges or bikes; others collect them.

There are lots of different types of stickers and also lots of ways to produce or print stickers, depending on your needs.

Don't know what sort of stickers you want? When looking at a sticker, it is very hard to tell how it has been produced, especially to an untrained eye. Bring in a sample and we can replicate it.

The most cost effective way depends on the usage, design, number of colours and production run. Once we have discussed your requirements we will advise you on the best printing option and price value.

Our factory is based in Geelong, we produce a range of different stickers for businesses all over Australia.

Custom Bumper Stickers

Want your company name and logo, image or design on a bumper sticker?  We can make bumper stickers any shape or size that you want.

Bumper stickers are a great promotional product and can also be a very profitable retail product.

Our bumper sticker vinyl is high quality and will last for 5 to 8 years if stuck correctly.

Specialty Stickers

Stickers can be produced for a wide variety of uses and on a wide variant of stocks. We spend a lot of time and money testing our stickers, so that we get the right stock for your use.

We specialise in producing stickers for sports equipment, surfboards, skis and snowboards, helmets, among others. Your sticker may need to adhere to different surfaces or survive in some rugged elements, ask us about the different stocks we can supply.

Point of Sale is another important part of the marketing budget, and stickers can be a great tool. Specialty stickers can be made for sunglass cabinets, the shop floor or even for bags when products have been sold. We have special stocks that don’t leave residue on products, so you can stick sale stickers on products.

We love the hard jobs, so if you have a special sticker you want to produce, we can help…

Custom Decals

Decals are stickers that have a backing and a fronting that you peel off in the application process. Vinyl comes in large rolls that are fed through a plotter (cutter) or large-format printer/cutter. Once the design is cut into the vinyl, the excess vinyl on the sheet is removed in a process called weeding. Finally, a paper pre-mask is applied to the top of the vinyl design to allow easy application of multiple letters and shapes at one time.

Decals are great for small run  production of stickers, or if you have an intricate designs that need to be die cut out.

Decals are commonly used on cars for identification and promotion of your brand. They are also used on products and sporting goods as a way of personalizing them.